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Below is a list of official #GMSH dates and event duties. Please review them carefully, and use the form below to let us know which dates you'd like to attend. Entry to the event is free. Also, include 2 to 3 event duties you'd be interested in performing.


1. Greeters - Greet guests as they walk in and tell them about the event, Drink Specials, Food Specials, VIP/Bottle Service, and direct them to photographer to take photo and/or do interview with offiial camera man and host (if applicable)


2. Data Collection - Walk around with a tablet, clipboard, or cell phone collecting contact information of the guests. They can join GMSH Mailing on official website or just give their info that we can input later.


3. VIP Hosting - Being in VIP having a good time to entice patrons to pay for VIP and Bottles. They can talk peoplel into paying for VIP/Bottle Service.


4. Swooners - Designated to be active crowd support for live performance or on the dance floor during a DJ set. Their job is to keep their energy high and keep people engaged and active at event. 


5. Street Promoters (if applicable) - If event is in a high traffic area, such as Beale Street in Memphis, 6th Street in Austin, Downtown, Galleria, etc, Street promoters are tasked with spreading the word to people in the area to bring them in off the street. They're usually equipped with some type of flyers, VIP Cards, or discounts for the Patrons.


6. Stage Hosting (optional) - Actually be on microphone hosting event. This isn't for everyone, but if the skill is there, we can translate that to radio personality or interviewer for the film and television aspect of Tour.


7. Floaters (PA) - At event, a floaters job is to check on the team and see if anyone needs anything, deliver messages, run errands, fill in for someone while they take a smoke break or bathroom break.

City, State
Venue Name
Austin, TX
November 15th, 2018
Rainey Social
4 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd
Houston, TX
November 16th, 2018
E2 Ultra Lounge
16940 Ella Blvd #107
Dallas, TX
November 18th, 2018
M&B Lounge
2535 E Arkansas Ln #361
Seattle, WA
November 30th, 2018
Central Saloon
207 1st Ave S
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