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In addition to being the CEO & Founder of the 11th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour, GMSH Live LLC, DBBS Entertainment, DBBS Management, and the Who's the Hottest Competition, Jess Jones is also a Promoter, Producer, Philanthropist, Publisher, Audio Engineer, Artist, and Activist. 


"I've dedicated my life to this music and entertainment game. Every platform and service I provide is designed to help artists help themselves... Take control of your own career and be your own boss. You don't need permission to be great." - Jess Jones



Jayali's music can be placed in the same classic and authoritative realm of Common or Lupe Fiasco, mixed with the passion and fire of Tupac. You’ll hear the influences of a variety of artists, old and new, in Jayali's self-produced and self-written repetoire. With that being said, Jayali's sound still embodies his own experiences and perspective.


Selected as the OFFICIAL HOST, DJ, & CO-HEADLINER of the 6TH, 7TH, 8TH, 9TH, & 10TH GMSH TOUR, JAYALI has developed into a prime example of what the GMSH platform can do for indpendent artists.


Jayali Profile
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