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#GMSH Artist Spotlight: TDUBZ


TDUBZ, from NC, is a humble kid who loves hip hop is truly a new breed of artist. You won't catch him out in the club wearing flashy clothes, but, you will find him in the studio. What sets TDUBZ apart from other artists is his lyricism and vocabulary he always delivers with multiple syllable rhymes, crazy metaphors, original schemes and all around next level bars. Also when it comes to flow and delivery he can go toe to toe with anyone in the game. He can hit you with any style from old school boom bap to the new wave and any one in between. If you like true off the top freestyles, look no further. TDUBZ came up freestyling and it's still his favorite thing to do.

If you get a chance to see him live I suggest you take it! If you don't enjoy TDUBZ live then you don't like concerts. His energy on stage is crazy and catches you off guard at first but stays 100% the entire show. He has a great mix of hip Hop vibes and new wave turn up which makes for an awesome show! TDUBZ has done nine national tours with: Dizzy Wright, Audio Push, Mark Battles, Demrick, Derek Luh, and Scribe Cash. Also he has done shows with King Los MGK and Skate Maloley. He has come a long way from recording in the bathroom in that little town and I see no signs of anything slowing him down moving forward. Truly a diamond in the rough don't miss out on TDUBZ








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