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#GMSH Artist Spotlight: DraeDae


DraeDae is a Hip Hop/Contemporary R&B artist from Cincinnati Ohio working as hard as he can everyday to make his dreams a reality. "Whatever you want in life, you have to reach for eveyone has 24 hours in their day what you do with it is entirely up to you". If you want something in life, you have to reach for it. DraeDae's single "Make her say" peaked at #8 on the Trend City charts after moving up from #29 to #13 to its peak of #8 all in 3 weeks. It is also the first single from his upcoming "My Kinda Dae EP" which is going to be released August 16th 2018 and has countless hours of hard work backing it up.

After going to college and working as hard as he could at math and still bumming it, he began focusing on his pursuit of music."I wanted to translate the hard work, headaches, sweat, tears, practicing all that math into working that hard on music; i asking myself "wait, what would happen if i put all this hard work into something i love?"

After coming up with and thinking about those questions, it was time to get famous. After years of preparations "My Kinda Dae" is finally done. This EP is the beginning of everything and the reason why this is just an EP is because it's just a taste.








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